Turning desert
into farmland

What's Desert Farming?

Desert Farming is a consulting company that aims to provide advice and know-how on different methods of desert farming in order to stop desertification and the resulting human and environmental disasters.

The greening technologies

Among the many different methods that may be used to transform the desert into farmland,  DF has decided to investigate a very promising combination: LNC treatment of the soil paired with Root Zone Irrigation.

A full scale project testing this combination has not yet been reported.

Future steps: What’s next?

This is where Desert Farming comes in: our next step is to test the combination of LNC and Root Zone Irrigation on the ground. A pilot project will allow us to confirm our predictions on the economic viability and impact on the society of the techniques.

Funds Raised



The technologies


LNC is a new material formed with clay and water that aims at improving the fertility of sandy soil. Clay, once transformed into LNC, is dispersed on the soil with a fertilizer spreader, creating a water-retaining network in the soil profile. When LNC is applied, the sand turns into a sponge-like fabric that retains water and holds the nutrients.

LNC is patented by the company Desert Control. We hope to make good use of their ground-breaking technology in our future projects.

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Root zone irrigation minimizes water evapotranspiration from the soil surface. The pipes are implanted around the roots of the plants, which reduces the water consumption to an absolute minimum



Approtech Porous Pipe Pvt. Ltd. produces porous pipes from used car tires. With more than 20 years of experience, they are a promising match to our needs.

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Last Updates

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Who we are

Desert Farming is a startup made up of a team of dedicated postgraduates, which has been accepted in an incubator program at the Copenhagen Business School under the School of Entrepreneurship.

Based in Copenhagen (DK), DF aims to offer agricultural consulting services in arid regions to help fight the spread of desertification, while ensuring food security and local job opportunities. 

What we do

Desert Farming provides a new approach to create sustainable farming under desert conditions by combining Liquid Nano Clay (LNC) and a root zone irrigation system. These two ingenious technologies, when used together, can have a revolutionary impact on farming in arid zones and desertified areas, by mitigating the environmental damage and promoting the sustainable development of the local community.   


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